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        Spain - an amazing country with a fascinating history and beautiful nature. The abundance of resort towns makes this pages and applications on the world map real lure for those who like a comfortable seaside holiday . The important role played by the availability of housing in Spain. Thanks to the help of our company in a very short time you will be able to rent or buy a property in Spain, which optimally satisfies all your needs. At the moment a house in Spain to domestic prices is surprisingly cheap , and our company offers you the advantage of the situation until it is too late . It was in Spain you can buy a comfortable apartment near the sea , for the same cost or much less that you give for buying an apartment in one of the major Russian cities. According to our forecast today - the perfect time to become the full owner of real estate abroad. Moreover, thanks to its own property in Spain can then rely on immigration to this country and citizenship. Not only can you come here every year for the next portion of sea, sun and palm trees , but also a unique opportunity later to become one of the few of our fellow citizens , who were able to obtain a residence permit and moved to Spain to live , staged children to local schools , etc . etc.

        Sale and rental of property in Spain - the main activity of our company. Our company is not the first year working in the field of selling and leasing of real estate located in the in every respect Ispanii.Osnovnoy question that we help our clients
solve - how and where to buy property in Spain so that the purchase did not disappoint with its quality and price. Without exaggeration, we can say that we are aware of the real estate of this sunny country all and more . That's why every year we are approached by all the new people who want to profitably invest their savings into apartments , houses and apartments in Spain.

        Seek the services of the company "Cat Company Sland", you can count on to ensure complete confidentiality in all matters relating to the acquisition of real estate in Spain. At this point you will not find another such real estate agency in Spain, which provides a full guarantee protection of the financial and commercial information about their customers. We appreciate the trust of every person who needs our help. That's why all of our clients can count on an individual approach to all stages of cooperation, from the moment of signing the contract and ending with the implementation of our commitments . Our best experts always take into account the wishes of customers , so the demand for our services is growing.

        In terms of investment in real estate, Spain is by far one of the few countries where you can find the best option for a reasonable price. Our company will help you achieve your goals when buying property in Spain , and we are always ready for long-term cooperation and are open to all your suggestions.
The activities of our company - a vivid example of how to run the firm, providing services to rental and sale of real estate abroad. The secret of this success is very simple: we are always interested in the quick and effective execution of each new order, which has a positive impact on the image of "Cat Company Sland". Using the most current developments in the field of real estate services allows "Cat Company Sland" in the driving seat , along with the rest of large companies that specialize in such matters as real estate in Spain.

        We have direct contacts with the leading agencies , property developers and banks in Catalonia , which allows us to provide a wide range of services designed to achieve optimal results for our clients. We provide a full range of agency , legal and consulting services in the field of residential and commercial real estate in Catalonia , as related to the acquisition, and with the after-sale service. The list of standard services includes services such as the selection of options from the airport, with an experienced lawyer at survey sites and at all subsequent stages of the purchase , legal advice, legal due diligence of real estate , inspection and registration of the contract of sale, as well as further maintenance facility ( rental, repair , design) .